The latest version of Android dubbed Android M has had everyone speculating on the meaning of the name given by Google and while most of us did not see it coming the new operating system letter “M” stands for: Marshmallow. Yes you heard it and it continues Google’s tradition of names each major release of their Phone and Tablet operating system after a tasty treat.

Main Android Marshmallow Features

android m name

Android M or Marshmallow, can’t get used to the new name yet, promises tweaks and polishes to the android interface which includes but not limited to:

1. Improved App permissions for improved privacy that are set universally instead of while an App is being installed.

2. Native Fingerprint Reading, which allows more Apps such as the play store to use the fingerprint scanner for authentication along with other Apps and features.

3. Intelligent App linking for handling links, so clicking on a link will not ask you what you want to use to open the link it will intelligently associate an appropriate App.

4. Tweaks to the fonts, Animations, Icons for a more seamless design and transitions. Along with added features and capabilities to some traditional Apps and features.

5. Within App Chrome Tabs smooth transitions, for seamlessly transitioning within Apps to a page with a chrome Tab to display information such as on a website.

6. Improved battery life (Yay) which is achieved by a deeper state of sleep mode which conserves battery life, the feature is called Doze. Also prevents fewer apps refreshing in the background which usually leads to faster battery drains in the past.

7. Android Pay which allows for easy payment using your Android device which will be readily accepted by most retailers.

8. Use Google now anywhere on your device dubbed Now on Tap by the developers.This will bring up contextual information intelligently based on the situation or App its used in.

That’s about it for Android m name and features you will have to wait until you have the final build in hand to see every detail of this new Android operating system in all its glory but the above is the main features to actually look forward to.