If you do not know what Android safe mode is I am not entirely surprise as most users don’t even know that Android has a safe mode whether you are using a Tablet or Smartphone at the root of the Android operating system is a safe mode that allows its users to trouble shoot issues with their Android device by placing Android in a light mode that works by only loading the core functionality of your device and holds back on the fancy stuff that you might have installed.

android safe mode

The benefits of Safe mode Android include:

1. Troubleshoot booting problems that causing your Tablet from starting up or rebooting randomly.

2. Pinpoint the reasons your device is running very slowly.

3. Uninstalling troublesome apps and performing functions that the normal mode is not allowing you to.

So you get the idea, like windows this mode is a very handy state that you can put your tablet in to solve any number of issues and its a good idea that you know how to do this as you never know when such a skill will come in handy.

android safe mode

How to put your Tablet in Android Safe mode:

1. While the tablet is on or powered up press the power button.

2. From the power menu you should see the various Power options:

3. Now long press: The Power off option and you will be prompted to start the Tablet in safe mode.

4. Confirm and allow the tablet to restart in the new mode called Safe mode.

That’s it you are in safe mode you can simply uninstall any feature that causing trouble or if your tablet was rebooting randomly or slow the issue might be that something might be slowing down your once very fast device. To fix this you might need to back up your files and wipe your device as instructed here in this article.

android safe mode

How to turn off Android Safe mode?

To disable this mode simply power off your tablet and back on and you will boot in normal mode. Also if you cannot exit holding volume up or down while you boot might do the trick for those who are stuck in the mode. See that was not so hard and it only took a few minutes at best to complete, if you liked our article be sure to check out some more or consider subscribing to this website by email for the latest on Android Tablets tips and deals.