It’s not very often that you can single out a cheap Android tablet that’s note worthy, in fact most cheap Android tablet that you will come across are a down right disappointment, I don’t even often recommend them to show you that they are often that bad. Recently I came across a tablet that totally changed my perspective of these entry level devices and that was the dragon touch tablet, it’s not very often that such a very affordable tablet will come along and turn the industry on its head and set a new standard for the entry-level or starter devices.

cheap android tablet

The model that we will be focusing on for this dragon touch tablet review is the Dragon Touch Y88X which is priced in the $50 range and gives you more than plenty bang for your buck. These are tablets for those who do not want to spend hundreds of dollars yet get a capable tablet that will perform and last.

The Dragon Touch Y88X 7inch Cheap Android Tablet

The tablet itself features a multi colored design featuring great color options such as: Black, white, Pink and Blue. The device is made from hard reinforced plastic and resembles most tablets of its kind with the only major distinction at first glance being the Dragon logo on the back of the device.

The Performance

cheap android tablet

You would not guess at the affordable price range that this tablet is housing a Allwinner Quad core A33 processor at 1.2 GHz,for those who do not know much about hardware that’s four (4) processors in one for faster performance, Right out the box you will be on Android KitKat 4.4.2, the screen is HD 1024×600 at 7 inches and an internal storage of 8 Gigs and to top that off it has the latest connectivity features such as Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n) which is the latest standard to keep you connected to the Internet and the world. 

cheap android tablet

This tablet will work for kids as well as for adults, your choice but be sure to get a case when you decide to get one. If its power that you are looking for in this range of devices then you will not be disappointed as the quad-core processor makes quick work of any task you might throw at the device. I have noticed that when it comes to Apps this Tablet will run them all and quite effectively, however when we turn to gaming it does equally well on simple games but don’t it to play top game titles that require a lot of resources, but for your casual games or that of your childrens educational or fun games this tablet has more than enough power. in fact you will not find a better tablet in this price range, trust me we checked more than once.

The internal audio of the speakers is surprisingly good, not anything to write home about but acceptable for your multimedia needs or listening to your favorite musician.

Dragon Touch® Y88X 7'' Quad Core Google Android 4.4 KitKat Tablet PC, Dual Camera, HD 1024x600 Multi-touch Screen, 8GB Nand Flash, Google Play & Zoodles Pre-load, 3D Game Supported (Advanced version of Y88) [By TabletExpress] Dragon Touch® Y88X 7” Quad Core Google Android 4.4 KitKat Tablet 
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What will you get out of the Box?

Right out of the box you will be getting:

The Dragon Touch Tablet as expected,
The AC wall Adapter
USB Cable for connecting the device to the PC
Standard User Manual

The Price

The Dragon Touch Y88X is very reasonably priced and the price will vary based on the color that you choose but all in all the variation is not that significant between colors, so you can be at ease for the most part. When it comes to tablets less than $100 its a no-brainer weather or not you should get it, the only major consideration is that its will be of quality which  would make it worth your hard-earned cash.


  • Very fast Quad core processor for entry-level device.
  • The price is unbelievable for what you get.
  • Supports larger memory cards up to 32 gigs for memory extension.
  • Handles all Apps super fast and also simple Games.
  • Great battery life
  • Light and portable


  • The 512 MB of RAM could be better
  • Lack connectivity options such as Bluetooth.

If you are seeking a tablet for a child, inexpensive gift, Tablet for an adult or an additional tablet for whatever reason, this dragon touch is the only tablet at this price point that is worth having that wont pre-maturely die on you or cause lots of headaches and pain like other options available.Its as simple as removing it from the box and enjoying a virtually trouble free experience, not that this tablet is perfect but for its category it comes pretty close.

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