I often get asked the question:what is the best tablet for kids? and you would think that the there was a straight cut answer but there is not. Every ones looking for something different in their tablet and they all have various motives, so instead of telling you which tablet is the best why not let US show you the most versatile offering on the market in terms of performance, features and price category and then let you decide what you think is best based on the evidence presented on said Tablet.

The best tablet for kids

So as promised lets first start off with a look at a premium top of the line best performing kids tablet that’s designed from the ground up with your kid in mind:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 T2105 Yellow 8GB (KIDS Edition)

What makes the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids edition a best tablet for kids is the fact that its made by one of the worlds greatest makers of tablets Samsung and that its also filled with all the Apps and features that your child will love.  If your child is between the ages of 3 to 10 years old this tablet is definitely for  your kid, your daughter or son will absolutely enjoy the hours of game play as they explore the educational games and develop their creative potential through art, photography, reading, math and so much more.

best tablet for kids

The first thing that you will notice and love about this tablet is that the Android OS has been revamped and loaded with kid friendly icons and Apps, basically making the operating system almost indistinguishable from what you have come to know about Android, this is good as its very Kid friendly. The creative drawing suite has pre-defined templates that kids can draw on and develop their skills,templates include a blank face that they can add the facial features to or add goofy glasses, that I am sure they will goof up in their cute and amazing way.

There are also kiddy games with fun graphics and the children can learn as they enjoy themselves. The traditional games as well from the Android PlayStore will also load easily, so if the default kids programs on the Tablet are quickly mastered you can get new games to play, such as Fruit Ninja or any other games your kid might like.  I really liked the onscreen avatars that pop up from time to time, such as a cute cat.

Why this Tablet and not a full-blown tablet?

Well you might notice the yellow color that just pops at you, kids love that and a regular tablet is boring to a child,it’s just too complicated for the developing mind of a young one, the next best thing about these tablets is that the interface is so cute and everything been adjusted to a kids liking and with the Samsung Galaxy Tab3 kids tablet things will never lag as it’s a powerhouse. But you may want to get a case to protect this investment as you know kids, they will put even the strongest of things to the test.

How Large is it?

best tablet for kids

In comparison to a regular 7 inch Tablet the kids edition has been scaled down in size to suit a small kid so no unnecessary bulkiness that will get into the way of a small child being able to comfortably hold this device for maximum comfort.

How much does it cost?

The cost as you can see above in my opinion is not bad as you are after all purchasing a premium top of the line kids tablet, it literally does not get any better than this tablet in the field of best tablet for kids, and its guaranteed to last your kids for years and not slow down as more modern Apps are released. In fact this Tablet can keep up with most mid to high-end regular tablets no problem.

Why should I get this Kids Tablet?

  • Friendly Kids interface running on Android.
  • Comes pre-loaded with unique kids Apps for hours of fun and learning.
  • Sized perfectly for Kids.
  • Performs fast with Apps with room for downloading more.
  • Nice and vivid kids colors that they will love.
  • Top of the line barnd and quality construction.

Why I may not want to get this Tablet?

  • Its pricey but remember you are paying for a top of the line premium device.
  • Does not come with a protective case.

I hope you have found the perfect device for your child, after all nothing is too good for your little one and their mental and cognitive development, for more information or purchasing check out the buy it now button below.