What is the best tablet size? This is a common problem faced my most shoppers as they try to decide on a tablet to purchase, there are just so many options and things just get complicated as time goes and new form factors are added to the ever growing and evolving list of tablet sizes that exists.

How is the size of a tablet determined?

The size of a tablet is determined by measuring the view able area of the screen from edge to edge diagonally as seen in our illustration:


Simply measure the viewing area from one edge to the next to determine the Size.

You can easily use a standard measuring instrument as a ruler to confirm the size of any tablet. As a trick you can also use your finger joints to rough estimate the size as the space between all three middle finger joints on your hand is roughly a inch, with the entire finger being roughly three inches, this can be used as a ruler for quick reference in case you left your ruler at home.

What are the current sizes?

Lets start with the various sizes that exist and trust me we have a few:

1) 7 inch

7 inch











2) 10.1 inch

10.1 inch


3) 8 inch

8 inch











4) Odd sizes

There are also some manufacturers that choose to forego convention and settle on their own size that outside the norm such as: 8.9 inches and such.


A larger screen usually means more real estate for things such as viewing movies and playing games, However in the world of tablets the saying bigger is better does not always stand true. For example with larger tablet sizes you are sacrificing potability for the sake of a bigger screen, while as you probably guess though smaller sizes are usually convenient to carry around on a daily basis.


Advantages of the Various tablet Sizes


7 inch Tablets

These tablets are easily the most popular tablet size as of late and for good reason as they are able to fit into a pocket or hand bag with relative ease and they are easy on the hand. You could easily hold one of these in one hand as you navigate the Android interface with the other.

If you have trouble making a final decision this is the go to size and manufacturers know this very well and usually include a version with there most popular flagship Tablet models. These tablets are usually oriented in a portrait format but can be easily rotated when viewing video for a better experience.

It important to remember that there is no universal tablet size and your choice of best tablet size should be based majorly on intended use.

10.1 inch Tablets

This is the big boy of the tablet world and other than the non standard sizes that do not go by any rules these are the largest units available. Anything larger than this size is usually not meant to be carried around as a portable device, after all a tablets main selling point is convenience and portability.

Those that choose to go the route of a 10.1 inch tablet will enjoy a very immersive gaming and video playback experience. This is great for those that do not want to pear into a small screen all day or suffer an eye strain. Tablets of this size were some of the first units on the market when tablets first made their way unto the Sean.

8 inch Tablets

The 8 inch tablets are both the new kids on the block and sort of the heroes of the show as they feature the advantages of both the 7 and 10.1 inch models, this is so as they are smacked in the middle bringing you potability and great screen real estate. So if the 7 and 10.1 inch sizes are causing you a great problems then cut through the fuss and go for a 8 inch unit.

Miscellaneous and Odd size tablets

Some manufacturers dear to be different and have stepped outside the bounds of the standard 7,8 or even 10.1 inch and have chosen sizes such as 8.9 inches, an example of this is the kindle fire. In such a case it has worked great for the kindle as its a best seller, however these units in the odd sizes are rarely seen and most manufacturers stick to the standard sizes.

What factors should you consider when choosing the best tablet size?

There are several factors that should be kept in mind when choosing the best tablet size:

1. The intended function of the tablet

If its meant for a child for learning purposes I would recommend a: 10.1 inch as it provides a great viewing experience for a media rich experience that can lead to better comprehension and to your child’s overall educational benefit.

For video or multimedia again I would choose the 10.1 inch as this leads to a more immersive viewing experience. Grab a kick stand case and a keyboard with your tablet and you will have a stellar portable entertainment unit.


The 7 and 8 inches excel in the field of being portable or mobile, so if you are always on the go this will increase your productivity and reduce the chances of a wrist strain from carry a larger unit around. Plus they almost fit anywhere and can be retrieved at a moments notice.


3. Price and affordability

The 7 inch model tends to be more affordable of all the tablet sizes, so if cost is a concern go with this one.



While there is no way to simply identify one tablet size as being the best tablet size it is best to simply follow the guidelines above to determine which is best for you and your given situation. So while the 7 inch units are popular and most will think they are the absolute best for every situation  its best to make a informed decision using the pointers give in this article. So lets hope our guide as helped you in making up you mind on which tablet size to go with.

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