What is Android?

What is Android

Android is one of the fastest growing platforms that is dominating the mobile phone as well as the tablet device market, even desktops are sporting the Linux based Android System. Any and every where you go today, including wearable watch like devices are running the Android operating system or O.S.

What Makes Android So Attractive?

The most attractive feature of android is its Flexibility and versatility. These two words sums up the Android experience perfectly, that is the versatility and flexibility to install apps and mods when and where you want.

Unlike other Mobile O.S’s Android has a active group of followers and developers who create great apps and tweaks for the Android system. Furthermore fresh out of the box the devices come jam packed with features and settings to customize all aspects of the look and feel of the user interface.



What device Sport Android?

From smart phones , personal computers to tablets,the top brands in there respective fields sport there own personal spin on Android.These brands include:






to name a few all have there own personal line of tablets and hybrids.

What Can I do with Android?

Seeing the versatility and flexibility of Android, this makes it the best light weight, yet very powerful OS for portable devices such as tablets and smartphones.With more apps than you can shake a stick at in categories such as:




Health & Fitness

Finance & Saving

This makes Android device is perfect for young kids who are just starting out and learning there Alphabet to those who are attending high school and need to do there research paper. The dad who wants to relax after work and play some games or the mom who always wanted to learn embroidery. Android has apps and features to suit them all.

Why should I get a Android device, are  laptops not better devices all around?


Laptops tend to be very large and clunky and are not very portable and energy efficient. Tablets on the other hands are very mobile friendly and can perform the same task as laptops and in most cases more efficiently. While some jobs call directly for a Laptop, tablets are fast becoming the go to device, as laptops begin there gradual fade into being obsolete and redundant.

So save yourself the trouble and get ahead of the pack and choose a brand name tablet that will suit your computing needs.


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