If you own a Kocaso Tablet or another tablet I would like to show you how to easily flash your tablet using the Rockchip batch tool. This tool allows you to load or flash firmware files, Roms or .IMG files to your tablet. This can be used in fixing issues such as your tablet is not booting and becomes stuck on the Android screen, you forgot your password or attempted the pattern lock too many times and you are now locked out of your android tablet.

Whatever the situation, if you need to restore your Tablet to factory settings the rockchip batch tool can be used to do this quite easily.

What will I need to Flash my Tablet:

1. The Rockchip batch tool

2. Tablet and USB cable to connect it to the PC.

3. Your Tablet  Firmware, if you own a Kocaso tablet you can download all the Firmware files here.

rockchip batch tool

Check Tablet Documentation for Manufacturers website.



Please note that this process will erase all data on your tablet. And also make sure that your tablet is fully charged before you begin the process.

Lets get started:

1. First download the Rockchip batch tool file from above and use a program such as winrar to extract the files.

2. After extraction open the folder you just extracted and open the Batch tool folder and launch the file RKBatchTool.exe.

3.The Batch tool interface will look like the image below.

rockchip batch tool

4. The next step is to load your firmware file do this by clicking the:”…” where it says FW path in the rockchip batch tool interface as seen above and browse for your firmware that you downloaded in the link above or from your tablet manufacturers website or other source. When the Firmware is loaded the interface will populate the interface with information. Now connect your tablet and allow the drivers to install while it’s on, there is also a drivers pack included in the folder you extracted earlier. Now disconnect the Tablet from your PC.

5. Now Turn off your  Tablet and press volume up and connect your device to your computer without letting go of volume key until the 1 beneath connected devices turns green. Next hit Restore and flashing will commence. When finished you can exit the program and restart your tablet and that’s it.

How to Find my Tablets Firmware File to Flash?

To find your tablets Firmware file that is usually a .IMG file the first thing you need to do is go to your manufacturer’s website and download it. If that does not work go to Google and search: Your tablet name and Firmware file download and that should point you towards a matching file to flash your device. Also be careful to flash the correct file as flashing the wrong firmware may brick your device and make it unusable, unless it already in that state and you are attempting to flash it to bring it back to life.

If you need help feel free to use the comments and ask your questions and we would be more than happy to assist you.