I recently went on a search for the best cheap tablet that money can buy and I was very impressed with one particular tablet that I reviewed here, but then I also encountered and even less known Tablet Nuqleo which is a very nice tablet that offers some good specs and a decent user experience that all in all not too bad if I may say so myself. With that in mind lets look at what this little tablet is all about and see if it worth the price tag that’s associated with it.

Nuqleo Specifications

tablet nuqleo

Lets first get the formal specs out of the way, this device runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, with a nice 1 GB of Ram, the Micro SD card slot can support up to a nice 32 GB card and the display is a HD screen with an effective resolution of 600 x 1024 that all of 7 inches. The WiFi is Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n with all the other cool stuff such as GPS and more built in. The front camera is 0.3 MP and the back shooter is 2 MP and to power this we have a 2800 mah battery to carry all these components.

Our Honest Impressions

We all know that while speaking a bunch of tech specs might sound cool but to the average consumer this means squat and you would like to know how this thing performs and trust me when I say I intend to give you that in real world measurable stats that you can understand and use for yourself.

tablet nuqleo

So lets first look at the camera quality and what better way to do that than to show you some pictures that I took using the Nuqleo rear camera that’s a mare 2 megapixels in a world where more advanced cameras can be up to 4x the megapixels. But bear in mind that we are here to look at the cost to performance that you get from this device and with the quantity of pictures that we take in today’s world it not asking too much for a half descent camera on your device.

Pictures from the Nuqleo Tablet:

As you can see in the right lighting conditions the picture quality is not bad at all and the pictures are quite nice for only a 2 MP rear camera.

tablet nuqleo tablet nuqleo tablet nuqleo


The camera can take still shots and do panorama shots or record video, you can even control your picture size that ranges from 2 mega pixels to 1 Mp, VGA or QVGA. And there is adjustment for shots such as night or you can set it to auto. Beyond that the camera controls are quite limited at best but they get the job done. The Video recorder features a time-lapse feature which is nice but all in all the front camera is for video calls and nothing else as you will not be able to use it otherwise.


The Tablet itself is surprisingly snappy and responsive, even after loading up a few apps it still maintained its snappiness and I was able to check emails and playback video quite well. This should be more than OK for you to enjoy some video streaming or adding a favorite movie to watch and the battery is quite capable too considering the marginal price tag that you will be paying for this tablet.

Fingerprint Magnet

tablet nuqleo

The glossy scream at the front cleans quite easily but over all the back is a bit of a finger print magnet and gets dirty quite easily. You may want to actually get a case to house this tablet in for its protection and for you to avoid cleaning it every other second.

The Price

For what you pay you are getting a quite capable Tablet in the form of the Nuqleo Tablet that’s priced just right for a nice tablet that can do everyday tasks such as checking your email, previewing documents, reading a book, watching video or playing your music and even the kids can enjoy playing their favorite games on this device with little issue.

The Audio

The Nuqleo QT-o7A82Bk has a nice pair of loud speakers that are not super loud but they are more than loud enough to provide sound for your personal entertainment or for you and others in a relatively small room. The sound is not flat or lack luster and is quite good, but not super great either. This is ideal for personal music or video playback audio that should meet the needs of a personal user.