Opening a Tablet computer for the first time can be a baffling and traumatic experience believe it or not, but I am here to show you how to actually open a tablet so that you can perform various tasks such as replacing a broken component or to identify a part number such as Board ID and so on.

If its your first time working with a Tablet you will realize that unlike most computers such as desktops and laptops, Tablets do not have a screws that hold them together and for the most part they are held together by two halves that are snapped together and held in place by simple clasps that can be separated and snapped back into place.

How to open a Tablet?

how to open a tablet

To open any Tablet you will simply need to:

1. Get a blank Flat tipped object or a Phone opening tool kit and placing your tablet on a soft surface so as not to cause any dents.

2. Look over the tablet and find the grooves or the point at which the two halves that hold the tablet together meet.

3. Find a point at which you can easily insert the blunt object or the plastic pick looking tool from the phone tool kit and gently separate the two halves.

how to open a tablet

Tablet Tool Kit (Plastic Pics are in Blue)


4. Once its inserted fully carefully and firmly run the pick along the outer edges of the tablet within the grooves and you should hear the snaps or clasps that hold the two halves of the tablet separate and open (Careful not to break the clasps as they are necessary to put the tablet together again).

5. Gently separate the two halves and watch for wires that might run from one end to the other of the two parts. Place the tablet flat and that’s it you have successfully disassembled your tablet. You can now remove any component you choose by simply unscrewing it or record the ID number of any of the components you might need to replace and so on.

Please note that every tablet is different and for the most part they are opened in the same way as shown here. You simply have to follow the guide and be careful yet firm, also remember that this will only look difficult the first time, and keep telling yourself that you can do it and you should be fine. A word of advise, in case you are planing to remove a component its a smart idea to use your phone and take snap shots as you progress so that in case you forget what was where you can consult the pictures to remember everything when you are finished.

Video demonstration on How to open any Tablet:

What does the Inside of an opened Tablet Look like?


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