Before you buy a tablet PC  be sure that you get any one of these essential tablet accessories that will sweeten the deal and add to the functionality and the fun that you can have with your tablet. Also be reminded that accessories are more than extra items that you should buy, they could be the difference between your tablet lasting a month or a few years. So while you browse and weigh your options always make sure that you get one or more of these great items to go with your next tablet purchase and do not click the checkout button until these items are in the cart with your brand spanking new tablet.

Essential Tablet Accessories

tablet accessories

Essential Tablet Accessories

1. Adjustable Tablet Stand

AmazonBasics Adjustable Tablet Stand
List Price: $8.99
Price: $8.99
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If you are going to buy a tablet there is one accessory that all manufacturers seem to forget to include in the box and that’s a Tablet stand. This must have item cost only a few bucks and you should never buy a tablet without considering getting one. Why you may ask? well for one watching movies, typing, browsing is made simpler when you can set your tablet upright and give your hands a break.

The AmazonBasics Adjustable Tablet Stand allows for all this and more, will easily fit into a bag or pants pocket and can hold any Android based tablet. If you are looking to use your tablet as a productivity device then never be caught without an Adjustable tablet stand.

2. Stylus

Will work on any tablet and is cheap and very inexpensive, I often have one of these on hand when using certain apps, a stylus help me with precise controls or writing hand written notes in apps that take direct written input. They are so affordable you should probably get a bunch of them.

3. Protective Tablet Case

You should always protect your investment and your tablet is no different, so why not invest in a hard protective case that will protect it should you drop your Tablet it could be the difference between spending hundreds of dollars or a few bucks in the long run. Admit it as careful as you think you are you never know when disaster might strike, but with a protective case you can reast easy knowing that your tablet is well protected.

4.Targus CleanVu Cleaning Pads

A great add-on item to go with your tablet and can help in getting you free shipping with qualifying orders of over $35 bucks this tablet  accessory can help you with solving one of the most annoying problems with all tablets and that’s when the screen becomes smudge and dirty.  This will allow you to easily remove dust and fingerprints without leaving the grime and residue. Cleaning a screen properly is not as easy as you might think especially when you have a keen eye and you never want to scratch your new screen that’s never good.

5.Micro USB OTG to USB 2.0 Adapter

Ever wish that you could connect a full-sized USB device to your tablet so that you could attach a Keyboard,mouse or Game controller? the problem is that most tablets use a Micro USB, but with this little dongle you can turn your tablets small port into a full USB that you can use to connect multiple USB devices such as flash drives and such.

6. Leather Case with Stand, USB Keyboard and Stylus

Wishing that you could type on your tablet like you do on a laptop or desktop, then get a top of the line Keyboard case and you will be good to go, plus it doubles as a case so you will be getting a two for one deal.

7. Symphonized NRG Premium Genuine Wood In-ear Noise-isolating Headphones

Get a reliable pair of in-ear Headphones to listen to music or your movies in peace or without any external distractions of any kind, you will get what you pay for with noise isolating technology insuring the best audio playback without external noise.

8.Samsung Universal USB Extended Battery Up Pack

Do not run out of power while you are working on the go, this tablet  battery pack works on tablets as well as on smartphones so you have a very convenient a flexible device that’s worth every dollar.  This is one tablet accessory that becoming more and more essential now as tablets are being used by everyone.

9.Tablet HDMI Adapter

This dongle will take your tablets output or smartphone as a bonus and allow you to send a signal by HDMI to your TV set and that’s where the real fun begins.You can watch movies or play your games on the big screen in the living room from your tablet.

10.Tablet carrying Bag

Last but not least we have your tablet carrying bag which is a great way to carry your device when you are on the go, it lightweight and neat guaranteeing that it will be an easy matter of picking up your device and hitting the road.

Lets hope that you did not make the mistake of ordering your new tablet before first getting one or more of these important accessories that no tablet should be without, owning a new tablet can be a great experience but most shoppers fall short as while they made the choice of finding the perfect tablet PC they also overlooked the most important thing in the shopping process and that’s finding reliable and affordable accessories that will protect their investment.

I guarantee that if you buy a few of these accessories its guaranteed that your tablet will live a long and fulfilling life and their will be no limit as to the cool things that you will be able to do with your device.