Today’s Android tablet fix is to help those with the too many pattern attempts issue to regain access to their device after being locked out of their tablets for putting in the pattern incorrectly too many times. If you are having this issue continue reading:

This will work for any Android based tablet eg. Samsung, Asus and so on. This fix will  allow you to regain access to your device, however it will wipe your tablet clean of all the apps, and stuff that is stored on it. So only proceed if you are willing to loose the data stored on your tablet their is no way around this. The contents of your memory card if you have one installed should be perfectly fine.

Also note that this will not harm your device in any way or form.

What will I be doing to my tablet?

You will be Factory resting the device using the Android System recovery that is built into all Android based tablets despite the make, model, manufacturer or Android version.

Will this damage my device?

No it will not, however it will delete all your personal data that’s stored on the tablet.

How long will this take?

It will take under five (5) minutes and make sure the device is charged.


How to unlock Android Tablet after too many pattern attempts?

Tablet reset

Too many Pattern attempts Fix

1.Power down the tablet

2.Press volume down + Power button

3.You should now be in recovery mode as seen in the picture above.

4.Select wipe data/factory reset using volume up and down button to navigate and the power button to select.

5.Find delete all user data and select that option, let it finish.

6.Next wipe cache partition and then reboot after you are finished.

You now have total access to your device once more after it boots up simply set it up as you did the first time you got the device.


I hope that your device is now unlocked and ready for action once more. The pattern lock issue can be a big problem but once you know how to get around it its a simple matter of getting your device back in working condition. If you have any questions or concerns the comment section is at your disposal.