Nowadays almost everyone owns or has access to a tablet but have you ever thought about what a tablet is? I am here to open your mind to the great inventions known as tablets. To better understand what a tablet is, we have to go back a little into the past, but don’t worry this is not going to be like history class.
The definition of a tablet is a mobile computer with circuits for its display and a battery inside one unit. Tablets are equipped with sensors such as microphone, camera along with finger gestures which replaces the mouse and keyboard.
The first tablet that was ever sold to consumers was the GRID pad that used a resistive touch screen along with a stylus, and was developed by one of the biggest mobile companies in the world, Samsung, for the Grid Systems Corporation. With the creation of the quite famous GRID pad in its time, a new age of tablet manufacturing was born.

what is a tablet computer
I think that the age of tablets picked up in 2010 when the Apple IPad was made available on the open market. The IPad featured the new ARM processor and multi touch interface. But it didn’t stop there because in 2013 numerous tablets started to support a windows 8 operating system which was a major leap from the previous operating systems.

The Rise of the Tablet Computer?

Although some people might have thought that tablets were unnecessary and didn’t have the potential to survive on the market when competing with the desktop and laptop, but it stuck it out and now tablets are quite popular. The companies that manufacture tablets tried to design tablets that will make consumers who prefer a laptop or desktop to have a little similarity to those machines by giving to us different versions of tablets called Booklets, Hybrids and convertibles.
We have seen it all that the tablet can do but I doubt that anyone would think that manufacturers like Samsung would be daring enough to make a mini tablet known as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and it was a big hit and just what the market needed to stay fresh and keeping consumers wanting more.
I am sure many people out there still are wondering what the purpose of a tablet is, Well the answer is simple. With a tablet you can do business on the go without that much weight in your hands that a laptop would bring. Web browsing is great and is easier by holding the tablet in one hand and using the other to maneuver between texts and pages. Watching movies or checking emails was a breeze on a tablet and playing games brings about a thrilling experience
As you have seen, tablets keep evolving year after year and with each step are getting even better. Tablets are the future of working on the go and if you don’t currently have a tablet or you don’t see the point of having one, I challenge you to actually get your hands on one and use it for a day, especially a Android based tablet and you will see that tablet manufacturing wasn’t a waste of resources.